How Do I Become A Missionary?

You are wholeheartedly set on following what you believe the Lord has for you regardless the cost.  Your expectation is high for what the Lord will do next.  Chances are you’re already doing missional activity, and now you’re considering how training could assist you to understand God’s heart for others.  

VI can be that spring board to the next step.  You may already work with the poor and struggle to see your part in God’s plan.  Or you might find yourself called to another people group and you’re questioning “is this really God’s plan for your life?”  “Seek the Kingdom first” you tell yourself, but you wonder what this means.  You desire to know more about the Kingdom of God- what it is, your part in it.  The next step for you is to train in the Scriptures- to soak it in and hear from others how it is God has worked in their ministry.  We will guide your journey of being trained to be sure that you are fully equipped for a life-long mission in doing God’s work for the Kingdom.

The Journey to become a Missionary

Being on a mission in the Kingdom of God is an amazing call. In order to prepare and equip you for this journey, we highly recommend taking courses from the following categories. These courses will focus in on teaching & equipping you with the practical skills you need for the missional activities you will have to perform while giving you the insight and knowledge of the Scriptures so that you can lead others well.

  • Recommended Courses +

    Vineyard Essentials
    Story of the Kingdom Croasmun & Williams
    Understanding the Kingdom Morphew
    Demonstrating the Kingdom Various Instructors
    Recommended for Missionaries
    Spiritual Formation Summerell
    Hermeneutics 1 Morphew
    Healing 1 Venter
    Healing 2 Venter
    Church Planting Pathak & Nicholson
    Church, Mission and Culture Williams
    Luke-Acts Morphew
    Ministry Skills Courses
    Assimilation Chorlian
    Discipleship and Evangelism Mendola & Van Dop
    Homiletics Nathan
    Ministry to the Poor Howitt & Morphew
    Pastoral Care and Small Groups Hawes, Rees & Samuelsen
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Student Expectations

We want to make sure you have all the facts about your upcoming course experience so you know how to prepare and be able to set appropriate expectations and are able to set aside the right amount of time for each course of study. Click here to see the highlights of your course experience.